Having a backup is important, but it is not the same as a disaster recovery strategy; rather, the beginning stages of establishing a proper disaster recovery plan. A backup is a copy of your data; a disaster recovery plan is insurance that guarantees its recovery.

Synergy IT Backup Strategies include:

  • On Premises (Servers and Computers at the Office)

    Backups are typically performed on a daily basis; and in most cases with Synergy IT on an hourly basis, seven days a week.

  • In the Cloud (Servers, Cloud Storage etc
    on the Internet)

    Even though “it’s in the cloud” doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be backed up. We perform backups of your cloud data, whether it be servers, files or any other important data your business needs.

  • Retention

    One of the most common mistakes we see in a business is backup retention. In the most extreme case we see the backup being overwritten every night by the same backup software to the same location. The saying “you’re just as good as your last backup” seems too true in this case. As part of Synergy IT’s backup strategy, we put retention processes in your backups to ensure you can go back to yesterday, last week, last month or even last year and in some cases you can go back to even the last five or seven years.

  • Storage

    Backups are typically stored locally on a separate device (i.e. network attached storage) and/or on a different secure offsite location. There is no point in storing your backup on the same machine as that you are backing it up from. Offsite storage is also a critical part in the overall backup storage; especially if local storage or your premises is destroyed.

  • Synergy IT Disaster Recovery Strategies

    Whether your server or data is the cloud or on the premises, disaster recovery comes in all shapes and sizes; from having duplicate servers, cloud storage, computers, making sure your data is actually recoverable, to having planning and process in place should a disaster actually occur. A complete disaster recovery strategy requires additional planning, including but not limited to determining which systems and applications are mission critical and creating a recovery order and communication process. We build custom disaster recovery strategies to suit your unique business and situation.